Thursday, June 2, 2011


Today I went to Clarencedale Cupcakes with my sister and her friend. They had amazing cupcakes and cakes! SOO YUMMY!!!

Here are pictures of the ones we got:

Chocolate Royale.
Chocolate cake with Chocolate ganache

Mint chocolate chip cupcakes!
self explanatory

Banana No Nut
Banana nut cake (without nuts) and what tastes like cream cheese frosting... 

Red Velvet 
also self explanatory

Chocolate mocha
mocha flavored frosting and chocolate cake with caramel sauce 

White Chocolate
Haven't tried it yet


So cute!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

What is New in My Life

1. I have an interview on Monday

2. I am most likely getting my masters degree online from South University

3. I am getting trained in 2 new areas of TJ Maxx next week!

4. I got a pair of Madden Girl heels for ONLY $20!

5. My cute new purse was only $31!

6. I got B6 and L-carnatine vitamins!

7. I found a new tea that I love

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pros and Cons of This Job Opportunity

- being able to see my friends                                                                    
- being back in Georgia                                                                             
- full time job                                                                                           
-salary plus commission                                                                           
    -potentially making $65,000-90,000 the FIRST year
-car and phone allowance

-away from my family
-paying rent/utilities/food/gas/insurance compared to only paying for gas at home
-part-time job in ohio
-not many job opportunities in Ohio
-less freedom/independence
-growing further away from my family than i already have
-the potential for my grandma to forget me because of her alzheimers/dementia

ughhhhhh!!! :( :( i don't want to feel like I have to choose between a full-time job and friends or a part-time job and family....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dream Wedding

The Place

This is at Millcreek Park, which is near my house. It's a really beautiful place. Full of flowers and gazebos and other really pretty things. I'm not connected with a church, so why not have a 'non-traditional' wedding outside?? I say non-traditional, because my family probably wouldn't like it. The two following pictures are of one of the gazebos that are at the park.... it's really pretty and is surrounded by flowers.

The Bouquet
I love, LOVE, love these lillies:
 I will have these flowers as my bouquet no matter what! I just love them.

Something Blue
The 'something blue' part will be my shoes..... 

Something like these.... if my feet are going to die, they better look amazing.

The 'something old' part will be my grandmother's jewelry. I guess the 'something new' part will be my wedding dress... I think that's the saying. "something borrowed, something new, and something blue" ?? maybe...

The Cake
I want a zebra cake! hahaha. I'm sure whoever I marry may decide against that though... :-\

The Dress
The dress I found that I really like, is from a place called Toula's.
 It costs WAY more than I can afford, but I really like it.... This style has the ability to either flatter my body or make it look really bad... haha.

The Reception 
I would love if the wedding reception was in Stambaugh Auditorium! It probably costs WAYYYY too much though. I graduated in this building as well.

The top picture is obviously the outside and the bottom one is how they usually decorate the ballroom for wedding receptions. All the receptions I have been to have a TINY dance floor! This one looks really big.

Well, this is all I could think of for now.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kids say (or draw) the darndest things.

My mom brought a bunch of cards that the elementary school made for the troops. I wanted to see what they said, so I looked through them. Most just say the generic "thank you for keeping us safe" stuff. but some drew pictures.

Apparently, we are in a war against Mexico. The card i took this from had a Mexican plane on fire thanks to an American plane....

 I thought this one was funny just because it said "Dear friend, Beat the afaganastand and be seaf."

Another card that I couldn't get a good picture of said "Dear Friend, I know you are misses your family and want to be with them but you can't right now." Then, at the bottom, it said "IT'S A PARTY IN THE USA" It cracked me up!

This one says "Thank you for saving and and you are the best and you are good at this thing." Hahahahaha!!

I have no idea what this one is supposed to be. Maybe someone on fire? 

I also found one that said "You are a brave soldier. Thank you for everything you do. You must be a smart guy. I want to be just like you. What color is your car? Do you have a daughter? Are you married?"

 Anyways, I still have a bunch of unpacking and organizing to do. I don't know where all this stuff came from or where to put it all! I'm going to look for shelves tonight and hopefully find some cheap ones. Maybe TJ Maxx will have some... :-\

I start work bright and early tomorrow morning at 9:30! I heard that a bunch of people were really excited that I am coming back. Hopefully i won't be back for too long! I have applied at 5 places in the Atlanta area. All marketing assistant jobs... and they seem like they won't be commission-based.

Monday, May 2, 2011