Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dream Wedding

The Place

This is at Millcreek Park, which is near my house. It's a really beautiful place. Full of flowers and gazebos and other really pretty things. I'm not connected with a church, so why not have a 'non-traditional' wedding outside?? I say non-traditional, because my family probably wouldn't like it. The two following pictures are of one of the gazebos that are at the park.... it's really pretty and is surrounded by flowers.

The Bouquet
I love, LOVE, love these lillies:
 I will have these flowers as my bouquet no matter what! I just love them.

Something Blue
The 'something blue' part will be my shoes..... 

Something like these.... if my feet are going to die, they better look amazing.

The 'something old' part will be my grandmother's jewelry. I guess the 'something new' part will be my wedding dress... I think that's the saying. "something borrowed, something new, and something blue" ?? maybe...

The Cake
I want a zebra cake! hahaha. I'm sure whoever I marry may decide against that though... :-\

The Dress
The dress I found that I really like, is from a place called Toula's.
 It costs WAY more than I can afford, but I really like it.... This style has the ability to either flatter my body or make it look really bad... haha.

The Reception 
I would love if the wedding reception was in Stambaugh Auditorium! It probably costs WAYYYY too much though. I graduated in this building as well.

The top picture is obviously the outside and the bottom one is how they usually decorate the ballroom for wedding receptions. All the receptions I have been to have a TINY dance floor! This one looks really big.

Well, this is all I could think of for now.

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  1. i love EVERYTHING about this!! especially the blue shoes and the bouquet!