Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kids say (or draw) the darndest things.

My mom brought a bunch of cards that the elementary school made for the troops. I wanted to see what they said, so I looked through them. Most just say the generic "thank you for keeping us safe" stuff. but some drew pictures.

Apparently, we are in a war against Mexico. The card i took this from had a Mexican plane on fire thanks to an American plane....

 I thought this one was funny just because it said "Dear friend, Beat the afaganastand and be seaf."

Another card that I couldn't get a good picture of said "Dear Friend, I know you are misses your family and want to be with them but you can't right now." Then, at the bottom, it said "IT'S A PARTY IN THE USA" It cracked me up!

This one says "Thank you for saving and and you are the best and you are good at this thing." Hahahahaha!!

I have no idea what this one is supposed to be. Maybe someone on fire? 

I also found one that said "You are a brave soldier. Thank you for everything you do. You must be a smart guy. I want to be just like you. What color is your car? Do you have a daughter? Are you married?"

 Anyways, I still have a bunch of unpacking and organizing to do. I don't know where all this stuff came from or where to put it all! I'm going to look for shelves tonight and hopefully find some cheap ones. Maybe TJ Maxx will have some... :-\

I start work bright and early tomorrow morning at 9:30! I heard that a bunch of people were really excited that I am coming back. Hopefully i won't be back for too long! I have applied at 5 places in the Atlanta area. All marketing assistant jobs... and they seem like they won't be commission-based.

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  1. yay for jobs in Georgia!!

    and those cards are hilarious!!